Title : DC-20(Digging Cabinet)

Category : Furniture

Material : Wood, Metal, Glass


Client culturestationseoul284

Cabinet Maker Hong Seokyeong

Photograph by Jang Sooin

In the 1950s to 1960s, vinyl record players and storage cabinets were often considered furniture and were thus made of wood. However, the development of new materials began to replace the wooden components of record players with metals and acrylic materials, and the record player became more associated with electronics than furniture.

'be formative' traces its origins back to such history of the record player. A modern reinterpretation of the changes in the materials used to craft vinyl record furniture, DC-20 is a vinyl record storage furniture series that comes in three sizes. Reflecting the contemporary trends of 2020, the products feature sizes optimal for single-person households and tailored for vinyl records.

The simple design also allows the user to easily change the cover image on the front based on their preference and moods. Such customizability is also in line with contemporary ideals.

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