Title : The Soban

Category : Furniture

Material : Cardboard


Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition shortlist

Photograph by Parkyoon, Benjamin Swanson

'The Soban' motif is Korean traditional table 'Soban' and it is made by Up-cycling box. 'Soban' is a small portable dining table representing sedentary lifestyle. Commonly it used as table to carry food and object. So it designed small size and easy to hold shape for the human body.

We restructure practicality and structural features of 'Soban' and made it into a box. The table top and legs consist of one body. It is designed so that anyone can easily assemble it by folding and assembling the connection structure. 'The Soban' series are consist of table and tray. You can sit down and read a book or put object on the top of it, and we hope you can enjoy a sedentary lifestyle with 'The Soban'.

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